About Pittsburgh Community Television

Pittsburgh Community Television is a public access station that provides the opportunity for city of Pittsburgh residents and city-based non-profit organizations to produce non-commercial television programming for air on Comcast’s channel 21. The programming on PCTV is limited only by the imagination of the people who create it.

Our mission: To encourage dialogue, promote media literacy, provide a platform for free speech and build a stronger community through training and by providing local citizens and non-profit organizations with the tools to produce and broadcast programs from their own unique perspectives.

One Response to “About Pittsburgh Community Television”

  1. cathleen trainor Says:

    This is an inquiry – for my associates at the League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh. I live in Upper St. Clair but belong to the League(which has an office in downtown Pittsburgh). In Upper St. Clair our branch of the League conducts debates with school board candidates and conversations with muncipal officials, which are then shown on our local public access station Channel 7.
    Would this same kind of programming be available at PCTV?

    PS – our local access manager, an employee of Comcast trains citizens to work the cameras.

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