Act NOW, SAVE public access TV in Pittsburgh!

ACTION ALERT: Pittsburgh Community Television needs you to act now. Call or email your council representative TODAY and let them know the importance of having PCTV and community media in Pittsburgh.

Click here for city council contact information.

We need you to e-mail or call your city council member or the mayor today so that PCTV can meet the needs of community producers and the general public for the next 10 years! Some of the highlights of the Needs Assessment report are in the blog entry entitled “Help Us SAVE ACCESS in Pittsburgh!”.

As a part of the Cable Franchise Agreement, the City of Pittsburgh asked Pittsburgh Community Television to conduct a Needs Assessment in order to discern what the public thought were the issues of the next decade and how public access television in the city could serve their needs. PCTV hired a highly experienced consulting firm and, after numerous surveys, polls, and focus groups, drafted a 200 page Needs Assessment document. We want the city council of Pittsburgh to speak with full knowledge of the needs of the people concerning public access TV (each council person has received a copy of the report). We need YOU to make sure this happens!

Thank you for reading!!

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